Richard H, Supply Chain Operations and Finance Leader

I am extremely pleased to provide this reference on Susan, whom I have known for 15 years. This is also an opportunity to acknowledge and thank Susan for the significant role that she has played in my success as a leader as well as my organization's success. All leaders routinely face challenges with change management, internal and external business relationships, team engagement, and creating shareholder value for their organizations. I encourage all leaders to take a very close look at how Susan's coaching and counsel can help achieve unprecedented and sustainable success. Susan's style is inspiring and warm - creating a comfortable environment for team members to "open up" and share perspectives while, simultaneously, challenging all to stretch, look beyond, and create a vision of top-tier success. Setting Susan apart from the rest is her ability to help create a personal and organizational roadmap on achieving one's vision of top-tier success. She is an exceptional listener, knows how to gain participation in group settings and values the contributions of all - no matter how small that contribution may appear. Any leader is only as good as those with whom she or he surrounds themselves and I highly recommend Susan Markham's counsel, wisdom, and style to help you and your team reach success - never before thought possible.

Louise S., Director of Administration

From the moment Susan opened the Breakthrough session with our team she held our attention. Our team is distributed around the world; we meet in person only a couple of times per year. Susan made her teaching work for us. Almost a year later, we still hold bi-monthly accountability and integrity team check-ins. I think her direct, honest approach made the lessons stick. She taught with kindness while commanding our personal accountability throughout the training. Susan’s vision for us to be a world class team of professionals was deeply appreciated by all.

Tammy M., Director of Marketing, People, and Culture

Her capacity for leadership, her vision for possibility and her innate ability to inspire those around her to be their best are all things I have come to rely on her for. I am grateful for the many interactions I've had with her and the continued support she has offered me through many professional and personal situations. When I talk with Susan, I cannot help but feel encouraged, empowered and excited. Many thanks to someone who has become a dear friend and trusted coach!

Dennis C., VP Patient Care Services and Chief Nursing Executive

Susan consulted with a project team that I lead and helped us all to “see possibility” when most thought there was none. I highly recommend Susan as one to assist individuals, groups, and organizations transform for optimal performance and sustainability. Susan is a masterful consultant.

Betsy L, Senior Director and Chief Marketing and Communication Officer

Susan is an amazing coach. She takes the time to really get to know you, understand you, and care for you. She helps you to identify a very clear vision for your future and then implement an approach that brings that vision into the world. I highly recommend Susan and feel so fortunate to have had her as a coach.

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